Structural Adhesives

Structural Adhesives and Bonding Pastes for the Marine and Industrial Composite Industries. Extensively used in the Boat Building process these materials complete a portfolio of products where strength and longevity are critical.
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  • Crestomer Advantage 30

    Crestomer Advantage 30

    £25.00 £30.00 (inc. VAT)
    Crestomer Advantage 30 is an advanced structural adhesive specially formulated for the composites industry. High Performance Structural Adhesive pre packed in cartidges.
  • Crestabond M1 05 Structural Adhesive

    Crestabond M1 05 Structural Adhesive

    £24.50 £29.40 (inc. VAT)
    Crestabond M1-05 is a primerless adhesive, requiring only minimal surface cleaning of the substrates to be bonded and demonstrates high toughness in all assembled parts with a gap filling capability up to 15mm.
  • Crestabond M1 30

    Crestabond M1 30

    £24.50 £29.40 (inc. VAT)
    Crestabond M1-30 is a structural adhesive with a working time of 25-35 minutes and a fixture time of 60 – 80 minutes.
  • Crestomer Gun - 10 to 1

    Crestomer Gun - 10 to 1

    £16.00 £19.20 (inc. VAT)
    Designed for use with the Crestabond and Crestomer 380ml Cartridges. Standard dispensing guns will not work with these products! Dispenses to the correct ratio of 10 parts to 1 part.
  • Crestomer 1152PA 25Kg

    Crestomer 1152PA 25Kg

    From: £19.50 £23.40 (inc. VAT)
    High Performance Structural Adhesive. Crestomer 1152PA is a pre-accelerated two-part structural adhesive based on unsaturated urethane acrylate in a styrene monomer.
  • Crestomer 1153PA 25Kg Structural Adhesive

    Crestomer 1153PA 25Kg Structural Adhesive

    From: £19.50 £23.40 (inc. VAT)
    High Performance Structural Adhesive with Long Open Time, highly Thixotropic and derived from Unsaturated Urethane Acrylate in Styrene Monomer.
  • Crestomer 1186PA 25Kg

    Crestomer 1186PA 25Kg

    From: £14.10 £16.92 (inc. VAT)
    Multi Purpose Structural Adhesive. Crestomer 1186PA is a multi-purpose gap filling structural adhesive for a wide range of GRP applications.
  • Crestomer 1196PA 15Kg

    Crestomer 1196PA 15Kg

    From: £19.95 £23.94 (inc. VAT)
    Structural Core Bonding Adhesive. Crestomer 1196PA is a low density, structural gap-filling core adhesive for use in sandwich construction where requirement is for a strong, tough, highly impact-resistant structure
  • Crestofix 90-78PA

    Crestofix 90-78PA

    From: £11.50 £13.80 (inc. VAT)
    90-78PA is a pre-accelerated orthopthalic polyester bonding paste. Designed for the assembly and bonding of GRP mouldings.
  • Crestofix 90-84PA

    Crestofix 90-84PA

    From: £12.90 £15.48 (inc. VAT)
    90-84PA is a light weight, low exotherm, pre-accelerated orthophathalic polyester bonding paste. It is a non-sagging compound, designed for non-structural applications where gap filling may be a secondary requirement.