Spreaders, Scrapers and Knives

We supply a choice of Spreaders and Scrapper for various applications. We also have a quality Trimming Knife essential for GRP Roofing Applications.
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  • Putty Applicators Pack of 10

    Putty Applicators Pack of 10

    Durable, Plastic putty applicators. Excellent for spreading resins and body fillers along side dozens of other applications.
  • Spring Steel Metal Spreader

    Spring Steel Metal Spreader

    Spring Steel Metal Spreader. Perfect for Body Filling or Spreading Resin Products around GRP Projects. Widely used in the crafting market. Re Usable.
  • Combination Squeegee Spreader

    Combination Squeegee Spreader

    Silverline Combination Squeegee Spreader - Easy-to-use, flexible plastic body with built-in ruler and 3mm thick rubber squeegee blade. Smaller blade for access to restricted areas. Allows rapid and even spreading of resins.
  • Expert Filliting Knife 75mm

    Expert Filliting Knife 75mm

    Corrosion-resistant spring-tempered 75mm steel blade. Two-tone soft-grip handle. Moulded palm grip. Hanging hole. For smooth application of fillers
  • 3 Pack Filler Knife Set - Silverline

    3 Pack Filler Knife Set - Silverline

    Corrosion-resistant spring-tempered steel blades. Two-tone soft-grip handles with moulded palm grips and metal striking caps. For smooth application of fillers. Hanging hole for storage.
  • Silverline Trimming Knife - 170mm

    Silverline Trimming Knife - 170mm

    Fixed blade trimming knife with quick-release mechanism for easy blade change. Blade lock, belt holster with belt clip, and integral blade storage.