Small Fibreglass Repair Kit for Boats, Caravans and Cars 250g

This Small GRP Repair Kit is perfect for smaller repairs to GRP Boats, Roofs, Cars and Caravans. Excellent Repair kit for DIY around the home.
£13.14 (inc. VAT)
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GRP Fibreglass Repair Kit. Industry Leading. Lloyds Approved Scott Bader Resin and Glass Fibre Matting.

Kit Includes

250g of Polyester Resin
10g Catalyst (hardener)
1 Square Meter of 300g Chopped Strand Mat
1 inch Brush

A great GRP Repair Kit which lends itself to 1000's of repair and construction applications

Roofs, Caravans, Boats, Cars, Canoes, Fish Ponds, Surf Boards and Fishing Boxes. General purpose lay-up / laminating resin, thixotropic & pre-accelerated.

Mixing Ratio

Under normal conditions the resin requires 2% of hardener to activate the Resin.
In the summer on very warm days 1% will give you more working time.



Mixing Ratio

1% - 2% Catalyst (hardener) to Resin