Primers and Sealers

Prymax Primers and Sealers used in the preparation of various substrates prior to the application of GRP Composite Material. Used extensively for the preparation of Flat Roofing Surfaces and Ponds.
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  • Prymax GRP Primer

    Prymax GRP Primer

    Prymax is a hard but flexible polyurethane that forms a super tough coating that can be used to seal concrete, wood and metal. Prymax moisture curing system means it can be applied in damp (not wet) conditions and low temperatures.
  • Prymax Pond Sealer

    Prymax Pond Sealer

    A specially formulated all-in-one moisture cured polyurethane sealer for sealing concrete rendered ponds under the water line. Also used for damp proofing internal render, plaster, plasterboard and sealing dusty concrete floors.
  • G4 Damp Seal - 2.5kg

    G4 Damp Seal - 2.5kg

    G4 Primer Sealer is a clear moisture cured polyurethane primer-sealer for wood, metal, G.R.P or cement/concrete. It forms a non-porous plastic coating which is tough and flexible with excellent adhesion to most materials including GRP. 2.5kg