750g Epoxy Water Clear Casting Resin Starter Kit

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Epoxy Water Clear Casting Resin Starter Kit. All you need to complete your project or experiment with Epoxy Casting Resins or introduce yourself to creative Resin Art.

This resin is used to make Penny Floors, Resin Art Projects, Jewellery Making and the Embedding of Collectables. Add Mica Pigments, Glitters and Glow in the Dark Pigments for stunning results.

This Kit Includes

750g Deep Pour Water Clear Casting Resin
2 x 600ml Calibrated Cups
2 x 60ml Calibrated Pots
2 x Mixing Sticks
1 x 10ml Syringe
4 x Nitrile gloves
2 x Selected Silicone Moulds - 1 Medium and 1 Small
5 Selected Mica Pigment Powders (colours may vary slighty from the picture but will include Red, Blue, Pink, Green and Orange/Copper)

Mixing Ration

The Mixing Ratio on this Thin Pour is 100 - 50. 100 units of Part A to 50 Units of Part B by Weight. Using an accurate set of scales to measure your resin would be essential as the ratio does need to be accurate.

Cure Time

Dependant on the ambient working temperarture the cure time can be between 24 - 72hrs. For best results leave your project for at least 48hrs. If you are doing multiple pours check your project has a gel consistency before subsequent pours. This can take from 8 - 24hrs depending on the ambient working temperature.

Low Viscosity
Low Exotherm
Minimal Shrinkage
Good UV Resistance
Excellent Detail Capability
Polishable to a High Gloss Finish

This Epoxy Resin is suited for pours between 2mm - 5mm. Mutiple Pours will allow you to build up layers to give you a "thicker" looking project. This technique leaves no visible marks between each Pour. You can also pour up to 150g to 200g in one pour. This is useful for filling Silicone Spheres, Pyramids or any other Silicone Moulds in One Go.

In any doubt please call 01752 658498 for expert advice.

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