Matline Core Matting - 2mm - 5mm

Matline Core Matting is a premium flexible bulker mats and print blocker used in hand lay-up and spray-up processes. Available from 2mm to 5mm in thickness and a choice of sqm lengths.
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Core Material for the Open mould process. Developed as a structural core material for GRP Laminates where the inner core layers help to provide the required thickness in a light and cost effective way.

Roll width of 1m
Improved Stiffness
Good Surface Finish
Increased Efficiency
Saves Weight
Non Woven Core for Hand Lay Up
Used for Open Mould Process
Available from 2mm to 5mm in thickness

The Matline Range consist of a polyester non woven material containing microspheres and provides a finished laminate of equal thickness to traditional glass fibre laminates but 30% lighter while remaining to strong and durable.

Cost savings on materials are compounded with time saved in production costs where thicknesses are built up more quickly than traditional laminating.

Matline Core Matting should be butt joined so that no ridges are formed. When wetted out the core matting should be workable after around 30 seconds as the binder in the Matline breaks down allowing the core material to be rolled and formed into shape.