Lloyds Approved Resin - Crystic 2.446PALV

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Crystic 2.446PALV Lloyds Approved Resin. This resin is pre-accelerated, low styrene emission, unsaturated polyester resin. Used in the Boat Building, Fibreglass Flat Roofing and Composite Industries. Purchase includes Catalyst
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Crystic 2.446PALV Lloyds Approved Resin by Scott Bader

This Resin is a pre-accelerated, thixotropic low viscosity polyester resin with low styrene emission.  Its rapid wet-out, low exotherm and fast hardening characteristics make it ideal for applications which require a fast mould turn round.

This resin is widely used in the Boat Building and Composite Manufacturing Industries. It is also used in the Fibreglass Flat Roofing Industry.

 NB - No Catalyst Included in the 225kg and 1100kg size Resins.


Crystic 2-446PALV is approved by Det - Norske Veritas and by Lloyds Register of Shipping for use in the construction of craft under their survey.

Used in conjunction with Chopped Strand Matting, Woven Fabrics and Biaxual Mattings.

A colour change mechanism is incorporated into Crystic 2-446PALV and its variants, to indicate the presence of catalyst.  After catalyst addition, the resins will change from blue to green, then to a yellowish colour, before gelation.  The recommended catalyst is Catalyst M (or Butanox M50) which should be added at 1% or 2% into the resin. The approximate pot life of Crystic 2-446PA at a temperature of 20 degrees using 1% catalyst addition is 35 mins