French Blue Topcoat

£75.92 (inc. VAT)

High quality, isophthalic, and pigmented Lloyds Approved Topcoat. We mix our Topcoats In House for Speedy Delivery from 43 standard colours.

Available in 5.75kg and 22kg sizes.

Screen colour samples are a guide only as computer displays and printers can give different results. Our Coloured Topcoats cure tack free and are used in flat Roofing and Boat Building or Repair where a specific colour is required on top of Fibreglass Surfaces.

The finished product provides a water proof, hard wearing surface. A non slip additive can be added for Boat Decks or Balconies where foot traffic is expected and a firm footing is needed.

Catalyst should be added at 2% using a standard Organic Peroxide MEKP Catalyst Hardener.