Crystic 489PA Resin

Crystic 489PA is thixotropic, isophthalic polyester resin designed for use in the boat building industry. This resin provides superior performance, outstanding durability and excellent blister resistance and approved for the Lloyds Register of Shipping.
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Crystics  489  and  489PA  are  thixotropic,  isophthalic  polyester  resins.    When  used  with  Crystic  Gelcoat  65PA,  they produce  a  matched  performance  system  for  moulding  boat  hulls  with  outstanding  durability  and  superior  blister resistance.

The outstanding wetting characteristics of Crystics 489 and 489PA give rapid impregnation with freedom from drainage. They  are  suitable  for  use  with  continuous  rovings,  carbon  fibres  and  aramid  fibres.    Fully  cured  laminates  made  with Crystics  489  and  489PA  have  high  mechanical  and  impact  properties  and  excellent  strength  retention  in  wet environments  at  temperatures  up  to  40ºC.    The  interlaminar  adhesion  properties  of  the  resins  ensure  that  no  loss  in strength occurs at the interface between layers, following any delay in lay-up. Crystics 489 and 489PA are tinted blue, to facilitate easier identification and removal of any air trapped in laminates.


Crystics  489  and  489PA  are  approved  by  Lloyd’s  Register  of  Shipping  for  use  in  the  construction  of  craft  under  their survey, and by Det Norske Veritas. They also meet the requirements of B.S.3532:1990, Type B.

Crystics  489  and  489PA  should  be  allowed  to  attain  workshop  temperature  (18ºC-20ºC)  before  use.    Crystic  489PA needs only the addition of a catalyst to start the curing reaction.  The recommended catalyst is Catalyst M (or Butanox M50).  The catalyst should be added at 1% or 2% into the resin and thoroughly dispersed, shortly before use.