Crestomer 1153PA 25Kg Structural Adhesive

High Performance Structural Adhesive with Long Open Time, highly Thixotropic and derived from Unsaturated Urethane Acrylate in Styrene Monomer.
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Crestomer® 1153PA is a structural adhesive that is highly thixotropic and derived from unsaturated urethane acrylate in styrene monomer. The adhesive has a long open time of 90 minutes and shows good adhesion to core materials, metals, wood and FRP laminates.

Because of its good adhesion properties, Crestomer® 1153PA is ideal for use as a general purpose adhesive. The adhesive is also used to contour joints in FRP components, to bond "green" FRP and to build up damaged areas. Crestomer® 1153PA is mainly used in structural composite applications.