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CrysticROOF BBA Premier

Flat Roofing System

Introducing the 20 and 25 Year guaranteed roofing system from
Scott Bader - CrysticROOF BBA Premier.

CrysticROOF is manufactured by Scott Bader Company Ltd - a company with over 60 Years' experience in polyester chemistry, with an excellent reputation for manufacturing high quality composite materials backed by unrivalled technical expertise and customer support. It is available in a range of colours and there is a high performance, non-slip option for walkways.


CrysticROOF lasts far longer than other traditional roof materials and can be formed into any shape, no matter how complex, including walkways, balconies, roof-lights. It is completely watertight and there are no joints or seams to weld. The resins in the CrysticROOF system form a powerful bond with the glass mat to produce a solid laminate, which completely encapsulates the roof area. CrysticROOF is an innovative, cold-applied system. Unlike bitumen-type membranes, there is no need for heat or naked flames.

CrysticRoof Premier Approved Installers. Please note that in order to purchase, install and benefit from the Product Guarantee for the CrysticROOF Premier Product you must be a BBA Approved Installer. We run BBA Training Courses here at Fibreglass Supplies so please follow the link for the latest course Dates here

CrysticROOF Guarantee
  • Standard CrysticROOF 10, 15, 20 and 25 Year Guarantees are for the benefit of the Installer and should be seen as a guarantee of the materials only.

  • Scott Bader guarantees that the CrysticROOF Standard system will remain watertight for the period of the guarantee, subject to terms and conditions.

  • Isophthalic topcoat for superior performance and long term weathering.

  • CrysticROOF BBA Premier Topcoat available in lead and mid grey. Other colours are available subject to minimum order quantity.

  • All packed in 20kg easy pour containers.

  • Fire certified system.

  • Option to enhance with fully insurance backed warranties using independent insurance scheme with Competent Roofer.

  • Approved Contractors given free listing on CrysticROOF website.

  • Approved Contractors can link to the CrysticROOF website and use the CrysticROOF BBA Premier Logo and other marketing material.

  • Manufactured in the UK by Scott Bader to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

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