3M 4251 Mask - Reuseable Gas / Vapour Particulate Resporator

3M 4251 Mask - Gas / Vapour Particulate Resporator. Protects against organic vapours and hazardous particulates with a boiling point greater than 65°C.
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Designed to protect against particulates and organic vapours with good warning properties (i.e. smell) and boiling point above 65°C.

These masks are NOT SUITABLE for odourless gases and vapours where the user would not be able to determine when the filters were saturated.

• Maintenance free design for maximum safety and simplicity
• No maintenance records are required if disposed of within one month
• Replace after 28 days or when damaged, breathing resistance increases or breakthrough occurs, whichever occurs first
• 2 large bonded carbon filters for low breathing resistance
• Low profile design for better peripheral vision
• Low resistance parabolic valve to reduce heat build-up
• Soft/Non-allergenic face piece material
• Lightweight and well balanced design
• Cradle head harness
• Easy to fasten neck strap
• Standard: EN405:2001
• Approval: CE marked 3M™ 4251 Organic Vapour and Particulate Respirator: FFA1P2R D
• Gases/Vapours :10xWEL or 1000ppm whichever is lower;
• Particulates:10 x WEL